Misconceptions about Hypnosis   

Misconceptions about hypnosis 

1)      Hypnosis is sleep, and further one might not wake up from hypnosis.

2)      Hypnosis is a quick fix, “magic bullet” treatment that can almost work in a magical or mystical way.

3)      Only gullible or unintelligent people can be hypnotised.

4)      Hypnosis will make you lose control of your mind, or can be used to get people to act differently.

    Regarding the misconception that hypnosis will make you lose control of your mind. It can be made clear to the client that the therapist does not have control over the client.  The ‘critical factor’ is that  you can click in and you can come out of hypnosis if something is said or done that the client does not like. People that are under hypnosis cannot be made to commit acts against their will, acts which they do not morally subscribe to.  

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