Oldham CBT

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT accessible from Oldham

I am only a shade under 6 miles from Oldham centre, about 8 minutes drive according to the RAC. CBT is  available at my premises or yours.

Directions  appear below.

Description Road type Distance Total
1. Start at Union Street, Oldham (UK-OL). Local road 230 yards
210 m
0 yards
0 m
2. Turn left into A627 (King Street).
( Oldham )
Major road 143 yards
131 m
230 yards
210 m
3. After 143 yards take the 1st Exit off the roundabout into A62 (Oldham Way).
( Oldham )
Major road
2.9 miles
4.6 km
373 yards
341 m
4. You just left Oldham.
5. Continue straight into A62 (Huddersfield Road). Major road 2 miles
3.2 km
3.1 miles
4.9 km
6. You have arrived your destination "A62 (Huddersfield Road), (UK-OL3 5EB)". Major road 0 yards
0 m
5.1 miles
8.1 km
Total distance: 5.1 miles (8.1 km )
Total estimated time: 8 min
Don't drive tired. Plan a 15-minute break into your journey for every two hours you'll be on the road.
If you feel tired whilst driving stop at a service station for a coffee and take a short nap before continuing.
Average speed of 30 Miles/h on national and country roads.
Average speed of 60 Miles/h on motorways.

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Nadim Siddiqui, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Contact details

47 Oldham Road

Delph, Saddleworth

Oldham ,OL3 5EB.

Tel 07977 400678

Tel 01457 87 8875

To email me please manually type in my email address into your email software. The address below is a graphic, not a direct email address link. This is  to prevent spam robots collecting the email address